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What Our Customers Say

When we need them, OmniNet is always there for us”. “We’ve included OmniNet with all our MSP customers for the last 3 years and it’s the best decision we’ve made

Mike Bloomfield,
CEO of Tekie Geek



Bradford Deflin
Total Digital Security



“I’m a big advocate of SD-WAN and my firm caters to a broad range of clients and end-users. Since 2014, OmniNet has been our preferred provider for efficacy, reliability, and support.”

Kenneth Holley
Silent Quadrant


“We’ve been an OmniNet partner for over 5 years, and their service has always been fundamental for us. We absolutely rely on it, and it just works!”

Tom Karakis
Alpha Geeks



“OmniNet is our go to cybersecurity solution, we recommend it to all of our clients. Not only is it powerful and easy to set up, the built in OmniWAN optimizes the internet connection to create a high quality foundation for all the applications and their support has always been extremely helpful. OmniNet is one of our primary solutions in our stack!”

David Ferreira
Ferreira Group



“Over 6 years ago, we needed an SMB firewall solution that provided premium monitored protection, at a monthly price. OmniShield and OmniWAN exceeded all our needs and is mandatory at all our clients. Their support and flexibility has been amazing and the entire team is extremely pleasant to work with.”

“My experience with OmniNet has been excellent. The NextGen security service provides the defense-in-depth that my customers need. Requests for support are always rapidly dealt with whether it is an impromptu phone call or email request. I highly recommend OmniNet and I give them 5 stars for service.”

Mike Smith
AeroCom, Inc.


“OmniNet is one of the best SD-WAN solutions in the marketplace. It is cloud-enabled, has built-in Next-Gen security and is priced by circuit (not bandwidth), which makes it very unique in the crowded marketplace of SD-WAN offerings. Our customers are very happy with it and their team has been easy to work with.”

Bryan Farr
Infrastructure and Facilities Director IAS Inc.



“OmniNet is the core of our network infrastructure and performs amazingly well at optimizing and securing our entire network. The support team is absolutely the best we’ve ever experienced. They’re extremely knowledgeable and go the extra mile to help us, no matter what the problem is. They truly care about helping us in all situations!”

Horatiu Baltat
Network Specialist
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“Working in IT for almost 20 years, I had the opportunity to use different products such as Cisco, SonicWALL and Untangle. I know OmniNet is one of the best products because when one of my clients protected by Untangle got infected with a nasty virus, OmniNet saved me! After shutting down the network I was planning my night, yes, my night to start scanning the 18 PCs and one server. But lucky me, Andrew was in town and he was able to come by my client’s office and help me set up the OmniShield, this being my first install. This was happening around 7pm. Took me a few minutes to replace the Untangle with OmniShield, and after not even 10 minutes, I was notified by email about the infection. The PC was isolated from the network. For me that’s a winner, 100%! This is what convinced me to replace Untangle and SonicWALL with OmniNet. I have been using OmniNet for more than 5 years. I am very happy with the product. The support team is just amazing! Thank you Andrew, thank you support team!”

Bradford Deflin
Total Digital Security


Kenneth Holley Testimonial

Founder & CEO, Information Systems Integration

Case Study

Quality Bookkeeping & Truck Permitting Implements OmniNet®

Quality Bookkeeping & Truck Permitting handles quarterly reporting and other regulatory monitoring for trucks all across the U.S. Owner Karen Schoffner experienced the greatest stressor in her 35-year career when her company’s infrastructure and records were compromised by fake antivirus software…during her busiest season!