Sales Tips for Managed Service Providers

One of the biggest mistakes owners of MSP firms make is assuming that anyone can sell.  While it’s true that most MSPs have great technical skills, they often lack the training and understanding of what it takes to be great at selling their services.

Anyone worth their salt in sales will tell you it is all about building relationships.  As our own VP of Channel Sales, Stuart Selbst says, “Stop selling to your clients.  Show them what the benefit is to them to do business with you.  Your clients should see you as someone they can trust who is there to give them good advice.”

Charles Weaver, CEO of the MSPAlliance says that in order to be successful, MSPs need to develop a more intimate relationship with their customers.  Weaver explained, “There’s a difference between buying a product and buying trust – the trust that a customer needs when they turn over access to their data to an MSP.  That’s what MSPs need to fully comprehend.”

Peter Kujawa, Division President of Locknet Managed IT Services, urges MSPs to identify what their perfect client looks like in order to focus their sales efforts on going after those clients.  He also says MSPs must learn to say “no” to some prospects.  This is something Stuart Selbst has long agreed with.  “When the prospect isn’t listening to you as the expert, it may be better for everyone involved if you just walk away.  Not every prospect is the right client for you.”

Most everyone is familiar with the famous movie line regarding sales that goes, “Always be closing!”  A more current twist on that is offered by Sales Careers Expert, Thomas Phelps.  He says sales professionals should, “Always be helping.”  Phelps recommends finding out how you can, “help the customer solve a problem, prevent a problem from happening or to take advantage of an opportunity.”

Ari Galper, a sales expert and author of “Unlock The Game” says, “Stop the sales pitch and start a conversation.”  Rather than starting a conversation about yourself, your company and your services, he recommends a more conversational approach.  For example, “I’m just calling to see if you’d be open to some different ideas related to lowering the risk of any computer downtime you may be having in your company.”  This gets to the heart of a business’s pain points.  Everyone in business has experienced downtime and it remains true to this day that time is money.    

Ultimately, MSPs are in the business of helping people.  You provide a service that everyone needs, no matter the size of their business.  If you approach it from the mindset of helping people solve and prevent problems that can harm their business, you will create a win-win situation for everyone involved.

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