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Case Study

Quality Bookkeeping & Truck Permitting Implements OmniNet®

Quality Bookkeeping & Truck Permitting handles quarterly reporting and other regulatory monitoring for trucks all across the U.S. Owner Karen Schoffner experienced the greatest stressor in her 35-year career when her company’s infrastructure and records were compromised by fake antivirus software…during her busiest season!

Stop the Antivirus Madness

Embrace Cloud-based Security to Better Protect Networks from Malware and Viruses

The bell is tolling for the millions of SMBs who think “complete” cyber security consists only of on-device antivirus software. Even Symantec’s SVP of information security, Brian Dye, admitted to the Wall Street Journal that antivirus technology catches less than half of all attacks.

Identity Thieves, Hackers and Crooks, Oh My!

4 IT Security Features Every Business Needs

Small businesses are easy targets, and hackers can attack thousands of business at once with tactics and programs designed initially for the far-more-sophisticated networks of large corporations. Yet, almost 90% of small to medium sized businesses do not utilize effective IT security for the threats they now face.

Shoplifting Goes Futuristic

Data Breaches and Online Hackers Are Taking Business Owners to the Cleaners

Small businesses are getting hit left and right by identity thieves gunning for customer credit card numbers, hackers attempting to sabotage networks and gain access to sensitive data, and employees looking to make a quick buck. In the age of digital threats, it’s up to you to keep your business safe from cyber-attacks and online hackers.