Questions from Partners… Can I port forward Remote Desktop connections?

With a growing need to find ways for remote work, some customers are asking Partners to open up ports in their OmniBridges, such as RDP.  This can be allowed through the OmniNet Portal. 

While Port Forwarding is a great tool for web servers and other applications, RDP access (TCP Port 3389) can cause quite a few security issues. 

OmniShield will block connections from known bad sources; however, legitimate but infected IP addresses can try to brute force these open connections.  These attacks are carried out by using lists of common usernames and passwords through bots or other applications.  If a working login is found, then the attacker has access to the system and network. 

What’s a better solution?

Help your customer configure the SSL VPN to connect to the OmniNet Datacenter and gain access to the network protected by the OmniBridge.  

The VPN will limit the opportunities for attackers and provide customers with 2FA.

What is the best solution?

Setup a Home Office eXtension with a secure and encrypted connection between the office and home office.