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Cyber Breach Coverage

OmniNet (OmniNet) offers free OmniNet Cyber Breach Guarantee,
backed by Assurant, for all commercial V-Shield Subscriptions.

Attacks blocked this week.

malware or infection
critical cyber attacks and intrusions
malicious or questionable websites blocked

How shielded are you against cyber threats?

OmniNet Products

Features Lite Standard Pro
Simple Management
Virus Protection
Intrusion Prevention
Data Loss Prevention
Web Content Filtering
Application Control
Remote Access
Security Bypass
Standby Link Available
Malicious Activity Alerts
Detailed Web Filtering  
MultiSite If no OmniWAN then NO
Active Links Up to 5 Up to 5 Up to 5
Zones Supported 1 3 12
3rd Party VPN 0 3 12
SSL VPN Remote Access 5 25 200
Dedicated Static Public IP
Port Forwarding
Additional Charge