Franchise & Corporate Chains


As a Franchisor, you have a unique relationship with each of your Franchisees. Keeping a strong brand is probably at the top of your list in how you communicate all your procedures for day-to day business operations. One procedure we see overlooked too often is a proper cyber-security plan. With the alarming rate of online attacks, it is more important than ever to be sure all of your assets are secure from digital thieves. Does each of your franchise locations have a proper cyber security plan in place?

A proper plan can be expensive and complex, often leaving franchises at a disadvantage. Learn how you can deploy enterprise grade cyber security to your franchise locations, adhering to PCI DSS standards with zero impact, for prices starting at just $49/month.

You have worked hard to build your empire, now its time to protect it. Contact us today for a free cyber security assessment at franchise@omninet.io