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About OmniNet

OmniNet was founded in 2013 by an innovative group of security and network engineers. The goal was to build a platform that enables IT providers to deliver the every growing in complexity, enterprise perimeter security to businesses of all sizes. The OmniNet platform is a SASE solution providing leading UTM (Unified Threat Management), DDOS defense, sandboxing and other advanced perimeter cyber defense technologies from a single pane of glass dashboard, focused on simplicity, effectiveness and performance.

In 2016 OmniNet Introduce OmniWAN, an SDWAN module that enhance the overall solution. Together OmniShield (cybersecurity) and OmniWAN (SDWAN) delivery “Optimized Clean Internet” to various industries including retail, healthcare, professional services, hospitality and emergency services across the United States and Canada.

OmniNet is a leading SASE provider, ElasticUTM and SDWAN fused as a platform that delivers enterprise-quality connectivity and cybersecurity technology to small and medium businesses and branch offices. Based on industry-leading unified threat management (UTM) technology, OmniNet’s customizable cloud-based security solution offers continual protection against all cyber threats and intrusions at an affordable price. With no reduction of inspection or bandwidth pollution, the ElasticUTM delivery model ensures that the latest virus definitions and threat updates are in use for continual threat prevention. Founded in 2013, OmniNet serves numerous managed service providers (MSPs) and small businesses in various industries, including retail, restaurants, hospitality, healthcare, and professional services. For more information, visit www.omninet.io