The Internet Litmus Test: What Defines a Good Internet Experience?

What’s important to us when we use the Internet? We use it for many things, some more critical than others, while some require “special handling.” A couple examples where special handling is required are VOIP and the handling of personal information. In the case of VOIP, quality of service is important which translates to low…

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How Small Ecommerce Businesses Can Find their Shelter

A growing number of people on the global level want to try their business luck online. The current trend can be compared to the times when settlers from Europe were moving to the New World. Although the context is different, the key features are the same – the new virtual world has enormous potential, but…

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Protect Your Business From Becoming a Victim of Ransomware

Ransomware is big business these days. It isn’t just Russian hackers anymore, but hackers around the world realizing they can make a quick buck unleashing ransomware on people and businesses alike. It is time to protect your business from becoming a victim of ransomware. Just this week, Crew Chief Dave Winston for NASCAR’s racing team…

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Shades of Gray Technology by OmniNet is Smart Adaptable Security

Shades of Gray technology by OmniNet is smart adaptable security. Gray Vector™ applies the appropriate security technologies based on the connection reputation, giving the maximum levels of security and reliability all in one system. Shades of Gray works like this: We know when you need a simple lock on the door in a nice cyber neighborhood to make it…

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Why Your Small Business Needs the OmniNet Cyber Breach Guarantee

The average cost of a data breach incident keeps going up and is around $3.8 million right now. Most companies are not able to sustain after that type of loss. A recent study sponsored by IBM found that the two sectors with the highest cost per stolen records was healthcare with retail following close behind. Each…

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Looks Like Cybersecurity Just Received its First Super Hero – Watson

IBM has always been at the forefront in the computing world. Now they are taking Watson, their artificial intelligence platform, into the world of cybersecurity. Watson is a cloud-based version of their cognitive computing software. Watson has perfected his skills in many different arenas such as being a physician’s assistant, cancer researcher, fitness coach, financial…

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cyber liability insurance
Why Small Businesses Need Data Breach Insurance

Data breach insurance is nothing new as it has been on the market for over 10 years. But did you know about it? Not many people do, unfortunately. Cyber Liability Insurance Cover (CLIC) insurance protects your business and clients for when you have a data breach. It is sadly the new normal and you can’t say…

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MSPs 2016 Trends
These Trends for MSPs Aren’t Going Anywhere

First quarter of 2016 is over and there is still a lot of speculation on what will be the hot trends for Managed Service Providers (MSP) this year. One of the biggest trends, and we don’t see it going away anytime soon, is the emphasis on protecting data regardless of location. In 2015, working remotely saw…

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MSP 2016 Trends
Why Legal Firms are prime targets for cybercriminals

Nothing sends a chill up a person’s spine more than thinking of having their personal information stolen.  Legal firms serve every industry and size of client possible which puts them at incredibly high risk for cybercrime.  Recently, hackers have been stepping up their efforts to break into the networks of law firms in the U.S.…

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