Small Restaurant Group Hit with 2 Security Breaches in 4 Years

Many of the recent stories pertaining to security breaches at restaurants have been about individual restaurants – smaller, family owned-businesses – that have been infiltrated by hackers. The Briar Group breach, however, is a reminder that even larger restaurants and chains can also be targeted and hacked if their IT systems are not sufficiently secure.…

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Report: Small Business Owners Don’t Prioritize Threat of Data Breach

Small Business Trends recently published the results from a report outlining what small retailers would like to have in order to improve security at their business. The report, commissioned by ADT and carried out by Harris polls, found that the one thing small business owners want most (based on 712 responses) is video surveillance. In…

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What California Assembly Bill 1710 Means for Small Businesses

What is Assembly Bill 1710? Back in February, California State Assemblymen Roger Dickinson Bob Wieckowski introduced Assembly Bill 1710 – or AB 1710 – to the legislature. The bill is known as the “Personal Information: Privacy” bill and lays out new laws for businesses regarding accountability in the face of data breaches. The Flaw in…

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Hack for Breakfast, Fraud for Lunch: Hackers Targeting Small Restaurants

Usually when a post on your favorite restaurant’s Facebook page opens with a “hello” and a “thank you,” you expect the warm greeting to be followed with good news of some type, a coupon, an upcoming event or maybe perhaps the announcement of new menu items. Unfortunately, for El Agave Mexican Restaurant located in Fairmont,…

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Students Targeted in New Jersey Charter School Data Breach

Students, not the faculty or the district itself, were the victims of a data breach that exposed the personal information of the victims. It’s been determined that the perpetrators were not outside hackers, but someone from a school within the district! Indeed, an inside job. What makes this all the more fascinating is that the…

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The Next Level in Hacking: Corporate Blackmail

Domino’s Pizza has a worldwide presence, and everywhere they are in the world, they are experiencing issues with security breaches. In 2012, hackers in India breached and defaced the company site, causing serious headaches (though on the bright side, no personal information was leaked.) In the UK, hackers were able to access the company website…

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