Breach Du Jour

Hospital Ransomware Attacks Continue

King’s Daughter’s Health, an 86-bed hospital in Madison, IN, was hit with the Locky virus recently.  They join the growing list of medical facilities that have been the victims of ransomware attacks.  Unlike others, such as Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center, the situation did not escalate to the point where they had to pay their extortionist.

The onslaught of these data breaches is prompting experts to encourage medical facilities to take the critical steps necessary to be prepared for breaches and attempted breaches.  Experts also recommend a strong plan for recovery is established to minimize the after effects of an attack.

Spear Phishing Emails are still hooking Colleges

A number of community colleges and universities have fallen victim to bogus emails causing the personal information of their employees to be breached.  In March of this year, an employee of Tidewater Community College in Norfolk, VA responded to what appeared to be a legitimate email.  In reality it was a phishing scam which caused W-2 information on 3,000 current and past employees to be taken.

Two weeks ago, Kentucky State University was the target of a similar email scam.  The result was that 1,071 people had their personal W-2 information breached.  Of this, 452 were current employees, 210 were students and the remainder were former employees of the university.

Law Firms are hesitant to admit to data breaches

Law firms have been known to be reluctant to admit to falling victim to cybercrime, primarily because they don’t want to alarm their customers.  As we wrote in our blog last week, law firms are prime targets for cybercrime.  Especially at risk are those whose clients may have information that could be used in the stock market.

Recently, the New York firm of Cravath, Swaine & Moore, announced that they suffered a “limited breach” last summer.  In making the announcement they made it clear they did not find that any of the data was used improperly.

The biggest legal firm data breach to hit the news recently is what is being called the, “Panama Papers” leak.  The law firm where the breach originated is Mossack Fonseca & Co., based in Panama with 40 offices worldwide.  Reports indicate that millions of documents were leaked over a 39 year period, leading to the creation of off shore companies used to launder money.

All in all, the best way to thwart cybercrime is for business leaders to understand what is going on within their networks, to remain up-to-date with the latest technologies and to educate their employees on how to recognize threats to their data.

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